Talking about community involvement on the new PowerShell Podcast

April 04, 2022 0 Comments Community, PowerShell

Earlier in March I appeared on a new podcast called "The PowerShell Podcast" which is presented by and hosted by Jordan Hammond and Andrew Pla. This podcast is just getting off the ground and I am honored to be invited to chat with the guys in episode 4.

The podcast is trying to capture the pulse of the community in podcast form and so far I think they have done an excellent job with the guests they have had on and the topics they have covered.

In my episode, we discuss community involvement, sharing your code, and being ok with the code you write. I talk about how coding is a continual journey of improvement and mastery and how we all have things we can share with others.

When I recorded the podcast, I didn't think it was going to turn out that well because it I thought it was just an unremarkable conversation. But after going back and listening to the whole interview, I am very happy with the prodcuction values of the podcast and the way the conversation developed into a well rounded discussion.

I'd like to say thank you to Jordan and Andrew for having me on the podcast! Thanks guys and awesome job. Good luck with future episodes!

I hope you will give my interview a listen and give the guys a shot with their podcast. They have some fantastic guests already in for sessions as well as a deep line-up of guests queued up for future episodes.

PowerShell Podcast on PodBean
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