Power Up your PowerShell experience with these four add-ons

The developers behind PowerShell released a handful of tools and new functionality to improve how you work with PowerShell. I write about four additions you should consider for your everyday PowerShell usage over at the TechTarget website.

The extensibility aspect of PowerShell is among its many strengths. These PowerShell add-ons can help you be more efficient and offer many customization options. The new features range from user-interface tweaks, such as adding color, to opening up the PowerShell prompt to the artificial intelligence capabilities of the Azure cloud for easier script development.

You may wonder why this article and others I write don't always appear in full on this website. When I write for other sites, those articles are their exclusive material. To read the article, you must visit their site.

I like to keep an archive of all my work on my site. This means that I can post a small blurb from the article and link to the article. I know having to click to another website is annoying but it's the best solution I have for sharing my content with my readers. I hope you understand and don't mind it too much. 

The article discusses The PSStyle variable, the PSReadLine Module, the AZ Predictor module and the new Out-Gridline view. To read the full article, please visit TechTarget and read the article there!

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