Video Intro to Azure DevOps

February 02, 2022 0 Comments Azure

A few months ago I gave a demo that focused on using Azure DevOps as alternative  to the traditional task scheduler for on-prem servers. The demo which was done for the Southern California PowerShell User Group is just under two hours and takes you from the basics of signing in, right through to configuring pipelines and using secrets for your jobs.  

Most people don't think of Azure DevOps as a task scheduler replacement at first glance, but it's got all the pieces you need to run jobs on-prem or from the cloud. One of the great things about this configuration is that Azure DevOps is surprisingly cheap to run as an on-prem task scheduler. In fact, the cost can be as low as $0 a month if you don't need to have concurrent jobs running in parallel.

The Azure DevOps service can be used for bigger things (infrastructure as code) but is perfectly feasible as a task scheduler. My org uses this for our on-prem workloads and we have over 12K automation runs completed with little to no issues.

Azure DevOps comprises five different pieces but you only need two of the five pieces to get started. if you need a simple solution to store code and run pipelines, this should be on your short list of credible options. On the plus side, the solution scales to almost any size you need, so its almost impossible to out grow this software.

Have a look and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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