So What's in a Name

March 21, 2022 0 Comments Community

I have changed the name of my website to CommandLine.Ninja ! I'll have a matching YouTube channel with video demos soon as well.

Why the name change?

The old website name was one that I liked, but I always felt like the name had nothing to do with the actual content I produce. To me, the name felt like it would be great for someone focused on networking and switching. I had bought some other domain names, but I never was 100% in love with any of the domains I bought.

PowerShell Summit 2021 and a Community Joke

Last year, I served as a virtual host along with Steven Judd for a virtual version of the PowerShell Summit. Somewhere along the way, during one interview with guests, I unknowingly said "... I am a command line ninja...". That one line turned into a bit of a meme amongst some of my friends and community members. It even inspired a short video remix of the sound bite.

At first, when this happened, I felt so dumb. I am fine with a good joke but I don't know, but it just felt weird to me. But over time as I thought about my website and my friends kidding me about the meme, the name just sort worked for what I thought I write about and what I do for a living... So I thought about a name change for my site.

I first looked for but that wasn't available. But to my surprise there is a .ninja TLD and I went for it. This past weekend I moved my site to the new domain name. The site functions the same but I still have some small cosmetic details to fix and I have to decide on how I will manage my mail list which is now managed via MailChimp. The old name redirects permanently to the new domain name, so any link you have for articles will still work without hiccups.

What's Next?

After PowerShell Summit 2021 finished up, I was burnt on community for a bit. I just sort of laid low for a while, but eventually I got the itch to write again. But this time, I also was considering producing videos of the same content I write about as well. So that's where I am heading for the future. Writing tech posts and creating video of the same content!

I have started a new YouTube channel, also called Command Line Ninja, and hope to get some fresh content up there in the next few weeks. My plan in the future is to blog and then create a matching video to explain the blog post in greater detail.

So that's it... for me it's a new name, but for you it's the same great content plus video demos as well. This year I have been writing regularly and I am hoping I can keep up the pace for the whole year. As I come across issues and problems, I like to write about what worked for me. But I hope that the video content will add a new dimension that people will also find useful.
So what do you think of my new domain name and my plans for the future? Drop me a line in the comments section below and thanks for reading!

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