WebJEA Scripts Portal Demo

April 18, 2022 0 Comments PowerShell, WebJEA, RTPSUG, Community

I'll be giving a demo on how to deploy a WebJEA scripts portal this week at the RTPSUG meeting this Wednesday. The meeting is a hybrid event. We're meeting in person for people in the Raleigh area and we offer a remote Teams link for people outside the local area.

Maybe you're wondering what WebJEA is?

WebJEA is a web portal that allows you to dynamically build web forms for any PowerShell script. WebJEA automatically parses the script at page load for description, parameters and validation, then dynamically builds a form to take input and display formatted output.

What you end up with is a super easy to deploy solution for running PowerShell scripts in your org. This is especially helpful for self service items like user and group lookups. You can also setup rights to limit more powerful scripts to a subset of users.

I'll walk throught the build process and then add some simple code that we can use as a demo. Hopefully by the end of the demo, you'll see the simplicity and power of using WebJEA!

Head over to the meetup site if you would like to attend. There's no cost and my usergroup is open to people of all skill levels! Hope to see you there.

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