RTPSUG Meeting - Improving the Shell Experience with PowerShell POSH

Hello everyone! I'd to invite you to the next RTPSUG PowerShell meeting on Wednesday, August 2nd at 8 pm. We'll be discussing a new module built by James Brundage named POSH. It brings smart color formatting to areas of your PowerShell console in ways that you haven't seen before.

Commands like Get-Member and Get-Command present data differently when the important aspects are thoughtfully highlighted with color. Imagine how much easier XML is to read with subtle color enhancements. James has incorporated color into the console in a way that totally makes sense and helps with readability.

James will be doing a full demo on the module and how he built it. He's an extraordinary figure in the PowerShell community, an enigmatic talent with an impressive background as a former member of the esteemed PowerShell team at Microsoft. Actively engaged in the PowerShell community, his contributions have been nothing short of remarkable.

Throughout the years, he has amassed an extensive repository of innovative code, delving into unexplored territories and pioneering novel approaches with PowerShell. Demonstrating unparalleled speed and finesse, James crafts code at breakneck speeds. I recommend you check him out at least once to see how he works. He has lots of tips and tricks to share with others.

All of the RTPSUG meetings are free and open to all regardless of skill level. You can visit our meetup page for more information about the meeting and the group.

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