Getting started with API's

April 13, 2020 0 Comments Community

In today's world of connected computers, using PowerShell is not limited to managing only your computer or the others on your network. It is possible to manage computers across the globe and consume information from the internet all from your PowerShell cmd prompt.

This month Jonathan Moss will be showing how you can use API's to retrieve data and make changes to a computer that could be next door or half way across the world!

Jonathan Moss is a senior system engineer for a financial company in the Raleigh Area. His daily activities require him to interact with various systems on his network, in the cloud and across the internet. One of the ways he does this is through the use of API's.

Jonathan will demonstrate the basics of working with API's, give you some tips and tricks on how to work efficiently and finish up with a demo of how he was able to access the data on a Tesla Model S electric car with PowerShell all through the API's provided with the car!

Follow the link for more details on this meeting and how to RSVP for the event.

Want to know what time this meeting is in your time zone?

This is a live-streamed event that will be posted on YouTube afterward. By attending this meeting, you agree to allow us to use any recordings of yourself for later use and posted in public forums such as YouTube and Reddit. We record all of our meetings and place the recordings on our YouTube channel a few days after our meetings.

The remote connection information for our meeting will be sent approximately 3 hrs prior to the start of the meeting to all members who RSVP yes to this meeting.

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