RTPSUG: We're Back!! (...in person meetings)

March 14, 2022 0 Comments Community, PowerShell, Functions

I am so excited to get back together with my local IT PowerShell pros here in Raleigh, North Carolina! It's been a helluva long time since we last met in person (Feb 19, 2020 to be exact... 756 days!!!).

COVID19 has changed our world

Alot has changed since our last meeting.... obviously COVID19 wrecked havoc on people and communities around the world. Many people (including myself) changed jobs and worked from home for extended periods. People's outlook on life and what's important has changed forever as well. In North Carolina, we have finally been cleared for in-person events that don't require masks!!!

RTPSUG Meeting Explainer

So maybe you've never come to a RTPSUG in-person event.... what's it like...

Well.. it's a bunch of fun and we welcome everyone regardless of experience. N00bs, PowerShell pros, Men, Women, Admins, DBA's, Desktop warriors, Security pros... you're all welcome - all you need is a desire to learn. Our next in-person meeting will be on March 16th at 6:00 pm at the Align Technology corporate office in Morrisville. For those unaware, that's my employer (Align Technology is the corporate name for the InvisAlign clear aligners brand).

Align Technology has a beautiful building with a technology center setup for group presentations and they have generously offered the room for us to use in definitely. We'll also have Tek Systems join us and provide some recruiting information about the local market and some great food and drinks for the evening!

Meeting Agenda

This month we will host a presentation from one of the group co-leads: Phil Bossman! Phil will discuss a PowerShell Core Concept: Functions.

We'll kick things off with some food and some brief announcements and then Phil will do his demo and answer questions from audience members and we'll let the discussion follow a natural path. If we go off-topic, that's completely expected. Following the demo, we'll answer questions and help anyone with any PowerShell related questions they have for us.

Remote Attendees also welcome

For the last two plus years we have lived online and we don't intend to stop that ever! Our in-person meetings will always include a remote link for people who are not from the local area.

How do I join in-person?

You sure do hope you want to come and hang out with us! Anyone wishing to come in person just needs to do two steps:

  • Visit RTPSUG meetup page and RSVP yes.
  • then go to this web form and give us your contact informaton. My employer, Align Technology has some visitor forms that will be sent electronically to you and then you're all set! As one of the group owners, I can assure you we will never sell your information or use it for anything but RTPSUG meeting information.

Can't join us in-person or online???

if March 16th at 6 pm EST doesn't work with your schedule, then you can always catch the recording on our YouTube channel!

Hope to see you there!

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