RTPSUG - Automating AD Health Checks

I am so excited to be unveiling a new toolkit I have been working on with some amazing people from the PowerShell community. Join me Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM EST to see what I have created!

This toolkit, called PSADHealth, was built on the idea that most admins don’t have the time to keep an eye on every part of their IT infrastructure, let alone every nook and cranny of Active Directory. I wanted to fill in the gaps that my monitoring tools weren't able to cover, so I started to write this toolset to help keep an eye on some of the core components of Active Directory.

You can download my module and run it as is, or maybe you prefer to download, pick it apart and make your set of tools. Either way, my goal is to provide a tool to you that helps you get the job done!

Join me Wednesday as I do a walk thoruhg of the basics of this toolkit and how you can get it running in just a few minutes. One thing that I hope is abundantly clear is that this toolkit is not very hard to use and you can extend to make it do almost anything you can think of.

A big thank you goes out to Steve Valdinger and Greg Onstat for their efforts over the last few months! You guys rock and this project wouldn;t exist without your expertise. Thank you so much!

Click here to sign up and get more details.

This is a local meeting that will be held at the MetLife campus in Cary but we'll also have a virtual meeting option for people who can't attend in person. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm and the presentation will start at 7 pm. The first half hour is for members to socialize, eat and cover any announcements that are related to our group. The link for this meeting will be posted the day of the meeting to people who have RSVP'ed yes to this event.

REMINDER FOR LOCAL ATTENDEES: You must bring identification with you. MetLife security will not allow anyone to enter the facility without ID.

This event will be recorded and posted on YouTube afterward. By attending this meeting, you agree to allow us to use any recordings of yourself for later use and to be posted in public forums such as YouTube and Reddit.

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