Create a Password Expiration Warning Script

April 03, 2018 0 Comments PowerShell, Passwords

Passwords... love or hate 'em, every admin has to deal with supporting them. One of the most common problems in corporate environments is expiring passwords. You know the thought process: regular password expiration is supposed to make org's safer. However, password expiration also generates calls to the helpdesk when users forget to change passwords before the expiration occurs. One easy way to deal with users forgetting to change their passwords is notify them shortly before expiration.

I recently wrote an article on 4sysops on how to build a password expiration reminder script. The script is written with powershell but the article is a "how to" that walks you through how the script was built and the logic behind it.

Take a look at the article and feel free to download the script and use as you wish. Please share your thoughts with me via the comments section here on my site or over at 4sysops.

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