Join Me at MS Ignite 2020

September 13, 2020 0 Comments Community, PowerShell

I am proud to announce that I will be co-hosting a table talk at MSIgnite 2020 with Joey Aiello, James Petty and Josh King! We'll be talking about our awesome PowerShell community, how anyone can be a part of the community, and why you might want to do so.

The event is taking place on September 23rd at 4 pm and is designed to be a Q&A session. The event is titled "Meet the PowerShell Community" and is open to any topic that you would like to discuss. The MS Ignite event is 100% virtual this year and also free or charge! The session code for this discussion is CON204. Slots for this event are limited, so I would suggest RSVP'ing early if you want to attend.

So what is a Table Talk?

Table talks are 30 minutes sessions led by community members to discuss relevant topics. Think of it as: For the Community, By the Community, Focused on the Community. I mentioned earlier that the topics are totally up to the attendees. We're there to provide answers,resources, and help people understand the power and benefits of community participation.

Who are these guys?

Joey Aiello

Joey Aiello - Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft
Joey is one of the program managers responsible for the PowerShell language at Microsoft and has been with Microsoft for seven years. Joey is one of the many faces at Microsoft that interfaces directly with the community. You can find Joey at all major conferences and is always open to talking about PowerShell. Joey, Tyler Leonhardt and Steve Lee are the direct connections to Microsoft and PowerShell for community members.

James Petty

James Petty - CEO @ The DevOps Collective

James is the CEO of the Devops Collective, which is the non-profit organization that runs, hosts the PowerShell Summit in April and The Automation Summit and October. The DevOps Collective also publishes many ebooks and provides opportunities for people to get a start in the IT field through training and mentorship programs. James is an Microsoft MVP and former sysadmin.

Josh King

Josh King

Josh is a sysadmin and automation pro for Tribe, a IT services consulting organization in New Zealand. Josh is a Micrsoft MVP, creator of the BurntToast module for PowerShell, and the leader of the Australia and New Zealand PowerShell & DevOps User Group.

Mike Kanakos

Mike Kanakos

I am an Infrastructure Tools Engineer for Align Systems. I also am the director of Community Engagement for the DevOps collective and leader of the Research Triangle PowerShell user group in Raleigh. I have created a Active Directory management module called PSADHealth.

What's in it for me?

The four co-hosts have deep hooks into the PowerShell community. We can provide many resources on how to get started in the community and where to find useful content online. We all can speak personally about how sharing knowledge with community has created opportunities for all of us to grow our careers and skill sets.

Come and ask your questions. Maybe you have wondered how you can do more in the community or maybe you're looking for a particular resource. Maybe you want to know more about PowerShell7 and the future PowerShell. That's what this session is about; a chance for you to interact with us and get questions answered.

I am so excited to be a part of this panel and I hope you'll join us and bring questions! You can find out more about our session and many others at the Microsoft Ignite website.

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