Learn about PowerShell scheduled jobs and how to create them

August 07, 2018 0 Comments PowerShell, Scheduled-Jobs

Today, over at 4SYSOPS I walk you through one of the most underrated functions available in PowerShell: scheduled jobs. Microsoft introduced scheduled jobs in PowerShell v3, but they haven't received a whole bunch of attention from admins over the years.

Scheduled jobs are batch jobs that run as background tasks created and managed using PowerShell. On the surface, scheduled jobs look, act, and feel much like an old Windows standard: scheduled tasks. The similarity between the two tools often confuses people. For the most part, scheduled jobs and scheduled tasks are the same but apply to different use cases. Microsoft modeled scheduled jobs to be similar to scheduled tasks on purpose so you wouldn't have to learn a new syntax for scheduling.

Click the link below to get transported over and read the rest of article and keep on the lookout for a follow-up article next week that discusses Managing Scheduled Jobs.

4sysops: Learn about PowerShell scheduled jobs and how to create them

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