How to perform Azure AD bulk operations with PowerShell

February 07, 2022 0 Comments Azure, PowerShell

While the Azure portal is fine for simple user and group management in Azure Active Directory, PowerShell is the optimal choice when you need to make large-scale changes. But there are caveats to consider before you can reap the automation benefits.

The Azure portal provides a GUI to manage users and groups in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), but it's not the most efficient method, especially when you have a task that involves hundreds or thousands of users. PowerShell's automation capabilities are ideal for Azure AD bulk operations, such as adding or removing a significant number of users from a group. It requires some effort to understand the best method, because different PowerShell versions will require different modules. This tutorial will explain how to perform bulk operations with two PowerShell modules: the AzureAD module and the Azure Az module.

This article is hosted over at the TechTarget website and is a thorough deep-dive comparison of the AzureAD and AZ modules for making bulk changes. Head on over to the website by visiting this link.

You can find all of my articles for TechTarget at my author webpage.

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