Get-PSProvider - Overview & Examples

April 15, 2018 0 Comments PowerShell, Get-PSProvider


Gets information about the specified Windows PowerShell provider.


No aliases exist for this cmdlet


Get-PSProvider [[-PSProvider] <String[]>] [<CommonParameters>]


The Get-PSProvider cmdlet gets the Windows PowerShell providers in the current session. You can get a particular drive or all drives in the session.

Windows PowerShell providers let you access a variety of data stores as though they were file system drives. For information about Windows PowerShell providers, see about_Providers.

Real World Examples:

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-PSProvider
Name                 Capabilities                                                          Drives
----                 ------------                                                          ------
Registry             ShouldProcess, Transactions                                           {HKLM, HKCU}
Alias                ShouldProcess                                                         {Alias}
Environment          ShouldProcess                                                         {Env}
FileSystem           Filter, ShouldProcess, Credentials                                    {C, D, F, G..
Function             ShouldProcess                                                         {Function}
Variable             ShouldProcess                                                         {Variable}

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